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With the lockdown restrictions now spreading to rural Victoria, many more people will be spending a lot more time at home. Out of adversity comes opportunity. Why not use the time wisely and prepare a plan to re-develop your home, to create the space you desire and need, and to reshape the basics in your living areas to meet the demands of modern living.


For many this is the ideal time to consult with an architect. Discover the art of the possible. Make sure you have covered all the contingencies. This is doubly important if you live in a property that is heritage listed or part of an area covered by a heritage overlay.

It’s entirely appropriate to seek a highly experienced and qualified architect, one with a successful track record in both large scale heritage renovations as well as modern makeovers that harmonise with the architecture of the past.


Andrew Fedorowicz is one such Architect. Andrew is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Architects. He is innovative, practical and makes brilliant use of space. Today, the demand is to extend your living areas outwards into external entertainment areas – outdoor kitchens, dining areas, yet with the ability to close off the bifold doors and maintain an even temperature within. Solar power, water reticulation, data systems – it’s the art of the possible.


But at the same time, it’s also possible to restore that ironwork, the decorative tiling, the corinthian arches, the decorative plaster mouldings, the slate roofs and much more. Restore the verandahs, add stained glass to add authenticity.


Create a beautiful garden and interior to match the architecture. But most important, do it with a professional plan; proper architectural drawings, appropriate permits and a costed budget.


Call Andrew Fedorowicz now. Arrange for a Zoom, Skype, Messenger or Whatsapp meeting – or if permitted a site meeting and inspection.


Call now on 0418 341 443 or alternatively 03 8696 9700 during business hours (mention Balance Architecture please). You can leave your contact details here if you prefer and you will receive a prompt reply to your enquiry.

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The ES&A Bank Building, Moonee Ponds – Restored and Revitalised by Balance Architecture

Not everyone has the opportunity to create a unique business destination in a century old bank. In recent articles we have admired the extraordinary banking chambers created from the mid 1880s until as late as 1926 by the ES&A Banking Group (now merged into the ANZ Banking Group). Some time ago, the banking group sold off the then ‘Moonee Ponds’ branch which was located on Bank St Ascot Vale, cnr of Mt Alexander Rd. Balance Architecture had the task of restoring it to its original glory.

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The new owner chose to utilise this remarkable building to operate a business consultancy from. The concept was not to ‘gut’ the place and rebuild internally, rather it was decided to focus on the fine detail of the original construction and return it to its former glory. Often the ES&A Bank buildings have a course of tiling placed just above the window levels, with the individual tiles crafted for the bank with its colours and icons. This building did not but the livery has been expressed above the arched windows and with the internal colour scheme.


Andrew Fedorowicz, principal architect for Balance Architecture and Interior Design wanted to capture the unique look and feel of this fine craftsmanship throughout the building. Inside the decorative dado stencils and original colour schemes finish the truly authentic feel of this magnificent building.


Rich mahogany timbers, brass fittings and the elegant furniture of the times compliment the superb interior design. Beautiful plaster wall mouldings and ceiling rosettes feature throughout the building. From the roadside the multifaceted mitred façade is set off by the intricate brickwork and upper circular windows.


The boardroom with its elegant marble fireplace, full gilded mirror and high ceiling in soft period wallpapers is simply breathtaking. Resplendent in deep greens, featuring a genuine period chandelier, the corporate colours of the old bank certainly live again.


When selecting an architect, its more than sensible to choose the architect sensitive to both your immediate needs and the living heritage of the building you have chosen to live in, work in or redevelop. Nothing can replace real experience. It is particularly true with Heritage buildings. Andrew Fedorowicz has spent a lifetime working on Heritage buildings (as well as many other projects) and is superbly positioned to assist you in the development of your project. He is a fellow of the Australian Institute of Architects, a lifetime achievement.

Whether it’s a modern interior that transforms an older property into a genuine luxury abode with the space and comfort you desire, or it’s a combination of both true heritage and today’s living spaces, consult with Balance Architecture and Interior Design to achieve the end result that will satisfy your aspirations. The result is a property both liveable and entirely beautiful in the simplicity of its design.


Call now on 0418 341 443 to speak directly with Andrew today. Make an appointment for a free, no-obligation consultation. Alternatively call 03 8696 9700 and arrange a time suitable to suit your needs. Leave your details here [Contact link] for a prompt reply.

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Balance Architecture recognises the importance of the preservation of Historical Architecture. We specialise in the renovation and restoration of Heritage Buildings.