When it’s time to call a Heritage Architect – Call Balance Architecture.

When it’s time to call a Heritage Architect – Call Balance Architecture. 

The reasons for requiring assistance from a highly skilled and experienced Heritage Architect may differ but when it’s accuracy, vision and creativity you require don’t hesitate – call Balance Architecture on 0418 534 792 (Andrew Fedorowicz) or leave your details here.  

It may be that you’re a property owner – the area you live in has a Heritage Overlay. What can or can’t you do? How can you legitimately improve your property yet stay within the confines of the Heritage Overlay?  

Alternatively, the property you own may be individually Heritage listed on the Victorian Heritage Data base. In that case you would need to apply to Heritage Victoria prior to planning any alterations or additions.

In some instances, the alterations need to track the original design of the property. In the early 20th century, many larger properties were purchased by Government Departments or Church bodies such as the Catholic Church, the Uniting Church, the Anglican Church and the Salvation Army to name but a few. 

Often these entities would then double down and create smaller rooms – such removals were commonplace from 1920 onward with many graceful old mansions, shopping strip precincts, arcades and public buildings being modernised with flat un-interesting concrete, particle board or even bricking up older features – windows, fireplaces and doorways.  

In restoring such properties to their original grandeur, immeasurable value is added to them with the restoration of these features all likely to find strong approval with both the Natural Trust and Heritage Victoria.

The first step is always to engage a suitable Heritage Architect to provide a full report that will satisfy the requirements of Heritage Victoria. Principal Architect for Balance Architecture Andrew Fedorowicz is highly experienced in preparing such reports. As a Heritage Architect Andrew has done so for his many clients over the years.  

Doing a Google search will likely reveal a number of qualified architects – however generally the positioning on Google is allocated not on experience, nor on competence nor on creativity and knowledge of Heritage buildings and early construction, rather it’s based on who spends the most money with Google. It’s simply a paid directory these days – the more money you pay, the higher your ranking (Ultimately you as the client support this promotional activity financially in the level of fees you pay.). 

Older Heritage buildings are often just not a simple matter of gutting the interiors and leaving a shell, a façade. Solid plaster walls, antiquated plumbing and electricals as well as some hideous ‘renovations’ during the twentieth century call for a clever rejuvenation of the many features of the original design. As well there are today’s standards in electrics, plumbing and construction to be observed – a difficult balancing act so to speak. Yes, it is a balance, a balance not many get right. Yet if achieved, it puts immeasurable value on your property – such a rewarding process, the featured historical artisanship and the comfort and luxury of modern living.  

When you actually live in a Heritage listed home or within an area of a Heritage Overlay, it’s not unusual for the local community to band together and attempt to maintain and if possible, improve the Heritage aspects of the area.  

Where developers and other residents try to transgress these values, a proper Heritage Report will often stop such inappropriate developments when presented to council, or to VCAT. Objections have a far stronger chance of being upheld if supplied with a proper Heritage Report, prepared by a qualified and experienced Heritage Architect.  
For assistance in all Heritage matters – renovations and refurbishments, support for Heritage Overlays and full Heritage Architectural reports please feel comfortable to contact Andrew Fedorowicz (F.A.I.A) for a free no obligation consultation. Leave your details here

Andrew and his practice Balance Architecture are passionate about Heritage Architecture. When Heritage is celebrated, the result is simply stunning, spectacular and a reflection of our rich history and the evolution of our spectacular city- Melbourne.  

Heritage – it’s worth protecting the pathway from our past to ensure a rich, fulfilling and rewarding future.  

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