Congratulations Andrew Fedorowicz, Fellow of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects

Congratulations to our principal Architect Andrew Fedorowicz on achieving Fellowship of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects.


The honour acknowledges both Andrew’s skill and understanding in delivering professional excellence in his chosen field as well as the time and effort he has devoted to community work for the benefit of others.


In the past, apart from a range of highly awarded and significant residential projects Andrew has developed The Legends Club facility at Mooney Valley, overlooking the famous Race Course in Mooney Ponds, and the Cragieburn Sports Club, its bistro, gaming and golf facilities. Interestingly, the Legends Club at Mooney Valley is one of the few buildings that will remain upon the Race Course redevelopment.


Large scale institutional buildings, gymnasiums, clubs and hotels, Andrew has designed all in his busy and awarded career over 35 years.


Spending his time flitting between the country and city, Andrew recently completed a project to redesign the Ballarat Botanical Gardens Gatekeepers House for its return to the Botanical Gardens recently.


So consider these factors when selecting an Architect for your project.

With property booming in Melbourne many older heritage style buildings are now changing hands. Younger families with different needs are purchasing property in hot locations like Kensington, South Melbourne, Brunswick, Albert Park, Clifton Hill, Essendon, Kew and other older areas.


Many of these homes purchased are well over a hundred years old and are often protected by heritage overlays. Not only that in the last 60 years quite often heritage features have been removed in the quest for modernity. Many homes in areas like Northcote, Brunswick and Footscray bear testament to this.



Younger more sophisticated buyers or Baby Boomers making that final purchase are looking for complete authenticity in any restoration work embarked upon, yet at the same time, there is the requirements of modern living – space, light, vibrancy.

We recommend you contact Andrew on 8696 9700 or leave a message on his website contact form here.


Andrew is passionate regarding Heritage Buildings yet can and will provide practical and effective strategies and plans to provide owner occupiers with a comfortable, spacious and modern living situation.

Andrew is a most experienced Heritage Architect, understands the requirements of various period homes in terms of adornments, structure, facade and practical limitations. More importantly Andrew can offer advice of great value to his clients in how they should approach their renovation and renewal projects or in fact confront the rather difficult problems often presented when dealing with housing stock of over a hundred years in age or close to it, yet end up with spacious, light filled living areas.


With real experience in many areas of Architecture, Andrew’s overall abiding passion is still Heritage architecture. This is evidenced in the popular weekly posts on social media with associated blogs on Melbourne’s rich history of historical and heritage buildings, estates and the families who have built and maintained them – and lost them.


In any case sincere congratulations to Andrew, we are really proud of you. Next week we will resume our stories on both modern and heritage buildings and precincts.

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Balance Architecture recognises the importance of the preservation of Historical Architecture. We specialise in the renovation and restoration of Heritage Buildings.

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