Current Architectural Projects

Cragieburn Sports Club

Balance Architecture and Interior Design have now moved to stage 2 of its major project, the Craigieburn Sports Club. For the next 12 months Principal Andrew Fedorowicz is to supervise the next construction phase of this exciting new facility.


Architect Andrew Fedorowicz of Balance Architecture and Interior Design is supervising construction for upgrade of Craigieburn Sports Club

Andrew has developed the planning stage and all architectural drawings for this brilliant new facility. Servicing one of Melbourne’s fastest growing population corridors, the new complex houses 2 new purpose built function rooms designed to seat 400 people and accommodate weddings, family celebrations and corporate functions.

The new function rooms will be serviced with a state of the art commercial kitchen and two splendid well stocked bars. The new major extensions compliment the original Tabaret extension that was completed to house over 100 gaming machines also designed and executed by Andrew Fedorowicz previously.

The Craigieburn Sports Club features a 18 Hole Golf Course, a challenging yet interesting course that attracts both regional and interstate interest.


New Clubhouse to be constructed for the Cragieburn Sports Club Golf Course

The club is now contemplating a modern, new, luxurious clubhouse to be complemented by a refined, two storey accomodation complex for both existing and new visitors wishing to test their skills at Craigieburn.

Residential Construction Project, Ballarat

Balance Architecture and Interior Design as well is supervising a residential construction for a Singapore client at Lucas, situated near Ballarat. A contemporary dwelling, the house is designed to enable full appreciation of its rural location.

Further Residential Construction Projects

Again in rural Victoria, the Balance team is currently preparing a full assessment of an Historic Cottage near Nuggety in Central Victoria. And to cap things off, Balance Architecture and Interior Design is now refurbishing and developing a Holiday Home in Torquay for a previous client.

Over the next few weeks we will take a look in detail at some of these projects. Each shows an understanding of traditional architecture and the sympathetic and complimentary approach of the Balance team – Andrew Fedorowicz and Amanda Richmond.

Interior Design for ’50s home in Glen Waverly

Amanda Richmond is also now deep into her latest project in Glen Waverly. An existing 1950s home with an unusual and interesting facade of Architectural significance for that period. Amanda has been tasked with lifting the property’s interior, through colour, fabrics and furnishings to meet the demands of modern living.


Balance Architecture and Interior Design for traditional period homes as well as modern contemporary living

With Balance Architecture and Interior Design, the client is the beneficiary of real experience combined with a clever innovative delivery of space and modern living, yet respecting the traditional and unique designs of period homes. Whether new and contemporary or entirely traditional, there is a Balance. And the Balance team are quite simply expert in delivering the precise harmony of design and comfort you are looking for.

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