Texture verses smooth

They say opposites attract and I’m inclined to agree. If not attract, then certainly complement. From an interior design point of view, it could be said that appreciating the qualities of things opposite is essential in designing comfortable, interesting, functional spaces.

Consider texture verses smooth for example. Texture on a bathroom floor avoids slipping, while glossy smooth wall tiles allows for easy cleaning and also reflects light back into what is usually a smaller space than rooms in the rest of the building.


Let’s look at other examples of texture verses smooth. A luxurious soft warm cashmere blanket over a slightly beaten leather couch. Perfect for snuggling up to read on a rainy day with an endless pot of tea.

Screen Capture by Snagit

Padding across cool, smooth creamy travertine floor tiles on a blistering summer afternoon to relax on a textured natural linen day bed with reduced light filtered by the chocolate blades of a bamboo shutter.

Screen Capture by Snagit

Or soft filtered light emanating from tiny golden lead-lighted panels in a cathedral’s ribbed timber cloister. A space made calm and contemplative with the use of colour, volume, and majestic detail.

Screen Capture by Snagit




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