Designer’s Tips On Renovating Your Kitchen

Kitchen Design by Amanda Richmond

Kitchen Design by Amanda Richmond – Armadale House

Amanda Richmond, Interior Designer at Balance Architecture + Interior Design has given us some great tips if you are considering renovating your kitchen.

 Decide what type of kitchen will suit the life you lead and what are the essential design elements to be considered.

Is it within a single room, a studio, a residential home, a warehouse or workspace? Is it for retired, elderly or disabled users? Is it for a family with children? Is it for a couple without children? Is it for a single person?

Do you need to conceal the cooking area when not in use?

You can use doors, blinds or curtains to do this.

All kitchen types will require an extractor fan of some type.

Do you want a range hood, in-bench extractor system or ceiling fan?

Children will need adequate space to be supervised in play and work.

Allow sufficient floor and table space away from the oven, cook top and sink for safety.

Will you use the kitchen as an office?

If so, do you need to allow for file storage, electronic usage/storage, layout space, keyboards/monitors/sound systems?

How often will you eat in the kitchen?

Design a separate area away from cooking and preparation.

Will the space accommodate the size of table and chairs you want?

Consider circulation spaces behind seated people and allow 600mm minimum per seating space.

Design for the minimum use of unnecessary steps.

Cook top, oven, fridge, sink and work top should be no more than a step or two from each other. Equipment used regularly should be within an arm’s reach of the stove, the rest should be stored farther away in a convenient location. As a general rule the total distance between fridge, sink and hotplate/oven/stove should be no more than 3.0m.

Kitchen design by Amanda Richmond

Kitchen design by Amanda Richmond -Travancore, Ascot Vale House

Amanda is a very experienced Designer and has designed some gorgeous kitchens for her clients. If you would prefer to use the services of an experienced Interior Designer please contact Amanda direct to make an appointment to discuss your new kitchen.


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