What can an Interior Designer do for you?

Interior Design by Amanda Richmond

Interior Design by Amanda Richmond – Essendon House

DIY interior decorating has been a big fad in recent times and there is certainly a place for doing it yourself but it’s also true that an Interior Designer will do it better. Like any other craft or trade, a professional will always have a bigger knowledge base at hand.  When it comes to using a professional Interior Designer you, the home owner, will be assured of a quality design that will enhance your lifestyle.

A professional Interior Designer will create space in and around existing Architecture, linking internal and outdoor spaces visually to create an aesthetic appeal, but also in a functional way, such as a kitchen/dining area opening out onto an outdoor living space. Tailoring design solutions to the individual needs of their clients, Interior Designers are clever at making spaces look luxurious at an affordable price. A professional, like Amanda Richmond of Balance Architecture + Interior Design, will advise you on the latest design trends and international trends in residential design.  She will also be across the latest trends for commercial and  hospitality interiors.

Golden advice, like new releases of furniture, soft furnishings, plumbing, lighting, tiling or paint finishes will ensure you have the latest and the best for your interiors.  Amanda Richmond will find the opportunities to fashion a point of difference in your home; ideas like creating a library, exercise room, contemplation space or cellar are the special extras you get from a professional Interior Designer. Having an expert design your interior pays off in many ways, not the least being the added value to your home.

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