Architects & Interior Designers Need To Get Your Brief Right!

Indoor pool area

Indoor pool area – Moonee Ponds House

When working with Architects and Interior Designers to renovate or remodel your home it’s important that the professionals you hire can get your brief right, or you may end up with a new-look house that does not fit your vision!  Andrew Fedorowicz, Architect and Amanda Richmond, Interior Designer of Balance Architecture + Interior Design have years of experience at renovations, particularly heritage buildings, so they are well versed on interpreting a client’s brief correctly.  A property in Moonee Ponds presented some interesting challenges, Andrew Fedorowicz explains how he resolved the problems presented, resulting in  very happy clients.
Challenge – social space for teenage children
The family who owned the house had teenage children who had social needs that the parents wished to accommodate within the home. They preferred their teenage children to bring their friends over to hang out, rather than seek their social activities elsewhere.
Solution – Andrew created an indoor pool (pictured above), gym and bar area with an external BBQ seating area leading off the pool space. There is a visual connection from the pool area to the existing kitchen, dining area and BBQ area.

Bar B Q area

BBQ & Alfresco Dining

Challenge – not enough car spaces
With the teenage children getting to the age where they had their own cars the family found there was not enough parking space with only a two car garage and limited off street parking.
Solution– Andrew constructed a new garage, which is long and narrow, allowing cars to jockey park with clear access on one side of the building, permitting parking movement.
Challenge – client not understanding the drawings
During the design stage of this project the client had difficulty reading and understanding the 2 D drawings presented.
Solution – 3D modelling on screen opened up the visuals for the client so they could understand the scale and orientation of the designed spaces.

Challenge – Internal swimming pool design must conform to AS safety standards – prohibited access
Solution – Self-locking door closures were installed on the doors leading into the pool. Also, a trafficable pool cover was installed by the pool company which is submerged under a perforated stainless steel plate below pool floor level. Mould is avoided by using a condenser, with a dedicated air supply vented via the plant room. Flooring materials used are smooth,non-slip, natural travertine.

Pool SS plate

Pool SS plate

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