Sensitive Restoration Of A Heritage Beauty

Victorian Home fully restored

Victorian Home fully restored

A charming Victorian home has been tastefully and carefully restored to feature it’s original distinctive design, materials and workmanship. The original slate roof was badly damaged, the verandah had been modified over time and the chimneys were still as they were built but in poor condition. The verandah had been enclosed by filling in the vertical externals, which detracted from the original heritage style of the facade.

 Victorian home before restoration, verandah enclosed

Verandah has been enclosed on this Victorian home

Architect Andrew Fedorowicz of Balance Architecture + Interior Design was commissioned to lead the restoration, due to his immense experience at heritage restoration and renovation. The verandah was restored as it would have been originally built with new lacework cast from original pieces. New timber posts were installed with sand cast capitals to match the original verandah and new tessellated floor tiles were installed in a traditional Terracotta and Wheat Octagon and Dot pattern.

Unfortunately, the original slate roof was too badly damaged to restore, resulting in an entirely new slate roof being built. The building was further restored with the addition of new Gable detailing, which was re‐instated having been destroyed or removed from the original roof. A careful rebuild of the chimneys was achieved using the original bricks, which gives the building a wonderful completion.

This type of renovation requires a sensitive and informed Architect to restore the building in an authentic way to it’s former design and style features.  The team at Balance Architecture +Interior Design, Andrew Fedorowicz creating the architectural design elements and Amanda Richmond styling the interior, are often called upon to recreate the charms and delights of yesteryear buildings.

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