Interior Design techniques for varying the mood of a space

Kitchen Design by Amanda Richmond

Kitchen Design by Amanda Richmond

There are a variety of ways to create mood in a space. Scale, texture and pattern will always work but the primary way to achieve a definite mood change is through the manipulation of light. In an interior design created by Amanda Richmond of Balance Architecture + Interior Design the kitchen had a high vaulted ceiling, with a timber lining in a dark wood, these darker hues could risk visually shrinking the space. This issue has been avoided by the introduction of natural light through skylight windows located in a south facing roof line. Also, the decorative leadlight panel above the doorway allows colour to filter into what is a soft palette of pale greens and grey offset by crisp white joinery.
The primary material in this space is natural timber. It softens the look and adds warmth, both physically and visually. To extend the effect of natural materials the glass splashback colour is taken directly from the natural granite colours in bench tops.
Lighting is both practical and ambient with task lighting under overhead cupboards allowing clear, focussed light to be directed to the work area where it’s needed most. Pendant lights above the benchtop act to direct light towards both work space and eating areas. The range hood light, located within overhead cupboards, is switched separately. The appliance, when not filtering air, can also allow the kitchen to be softly lit creating another level of ambience.

Amanda Richmond is an experienced and highly creative Interior Designer and is in partnership with Andrew Fedorowicz, an Architect with over 32 years’ experience. Together they are Balance Architecture + Interior Design.

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