Use A Finishes Board To Help Plan Your Interior Design

Finishes Board for Interior Design

Finishes Board for Interior Design

Finishes boards are a way of collating your material decisions and help to consolidate your design direction.  Having all the materials you have carefully selected in one place allows you to see how they work together and inform your decisions for purchasing future soft furnishing and furniture. You can see instantly whether the colours and textures of curtains, furnishing, cushions, rugs and decorative pieces will complement the colours and materials you have chosen for your home.

When you have considered and confirmed your choices for your interior design by viewing your finishes board you can then document your material choices into a finishes schedule. This is a very helpful document which you can use to inform contractors of the exact specifications of the materials to be purchased and installed.

An informal finishes board could include fabric swatches, evocative images or natural elements that together inform your unique design direction.  In this image of a finishes board we can see there is an interest in natural features; the more affordable Kashmire granite laminate to be used in the laundry mimics the more expensive Natural Granite intended for the Kitchen.  Fabric to the top of the image shows colours and textures shown in remaining materials.

Amanda Richmond of Balance Architecture + Interior Design recommends the use of a finishing board with her clients and encourages you to start your own if you are starting to plan an interior design, whether it be for a new home or a renovation of your existing home.  Amanda is a very experienced, award winning Designer based in Melbourne and has been creating gorgeous interiors for nearly ten years. To book an appointment to discuss your future interior design please call or email.

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