Light Is A Crucial Element of Good Interior Design

Bathroom designed by Balance Architecture + Interior Design

Bathroom designed by Balance Architecture + Interior Design

The quality of the light in a space is crucial to the success of the interior design. This exquisite bathroom design was created by Amanda Richmond of Balance Architecture + Interior Design, a Melbourne based business that specialises in an integrated approach to architectural structures and interior design. Light is reflected into the bathroom with the clever use of mirror placement. A large wall mounted mirror enables full length viewing with light being reflected back into the room via the adjacent window and a wall hung decorative mirror. To ensure the wall was able to carry the weight of the large full length mirror, extra stud work was installed within the wall prior to plastering.
A pleasing, clean line is carried through the space by using Carrara marble tiles to line the floor and continue up the wall to ceiling height within the shower space. The clean lines of the space are further maintained by concealing the toilet cistern within the wall; plumbing is accessed via a chrome wall mounted push plate. The vanity table becomes a feature of the bathroom and was custom made to allow asymmetric positioning within the space. Both the table and bath spouts are free standing and exit through the floor, with a power point being located at the other end of the table.

The ceiling to floor sheer curtaining addresses privacy issues at the same time as providing a romantic, softened finish to the room. More privacy is afforded through the use of a frame mounted block out blind. This bathroom design is a great example of the high quality, creative concepts the experienced, professional team at Balance Architecture + Interior Design deliver to transform your home.

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