Kitchen Period Interior Design Detail With a Twist

Kitchen Renovated by Balance

Kitchen Renovated by Balance

Contemporary interior design generally applies a minimal palette with a neutral base colour such as white with one or two accent colours; timber or contrasting black work well. In fact black was chosen as the accent colour against the neutral base colour of white in a recent kitchen renovation completed by Balance Architecture + Interior Design.  The image above of the kitchen renovation illustrates how well this colour palette works. Creating a mood in the space adds an ambient experience, this mood is able to be varied with the use of wall lights, pendants and down lights, all switched separately. Another lighting element in this design is the use of reflected light back into the space through the use of mirrors in both the splashback and within the plaster mouldings above.

The space becomes dynamic with shots of colour through the addition of floral arrangements, careful placement of fruit and table settings. All of which can be varied as mood and seasons change. A delightful element in this renovation is the use of sheer ceiling to floor curtains in the adjoining conservatory, which softens the edges of the space, contrasting against structural elements. The addition of an electrical blind system in the conservatory area allows the space to be further darkened or lightened with the use of a remote control.

The streamlined kitchen design is achieved by the use of some clever yet practical elements such as concealed ovens (two of them) and storage drawers beneath the island bench and down draft extraction systems located in the bench top, which avoids the need for an overhead range. This gorgeous renovation is another example of the sensitive, empathetic yet brilliant design work of the Balance Architecture + Interior Design team of Amanda Richmond and Andrew Fedorowicz.

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