The Marriage Between Architecture and Interior Design Creates A Perfect Balance

Renovation by Balance at Deepdene.

Renovation by Balance at Deepdene.

When it’s time to renovate and redevelop your existing home, whether a recent purchase or a longstanding family home, you want the very best result. Likewise, if you are commissioning a brand, new home you expect a superb outcome. A stunning design is assured with Architect Andrew Fedorowicz, one half of the Balance Architecture & Interior Design team.  With over 30 years Architectural practice he has major experience developing new projects from design through to construction and completion. A specialist in heritage work, Andrew is an experienced renovation expert.  He is sympathetic to the period of the home, and creates exquisite refurbishments, with his keen eye for detail and thorough understanding of structural engineering.  The end result is a beautiful home with spaces you will adore.

The other half of the Balance team is Interior Designer Amanda Richmond, who envisages and decorates a delightfully stylish interior that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. She designs interiors that reflect your personality and style, fashioning a living space exclusively to your taste and needs, yet balanced with the style of your home. She is also a specialist in heritage renovations and her designs are contemporary yet sympathetic to the past style and grace of historical and period homes. Whether a modern style home or heritage building, Amanda creates elegant, liveable, stylish interiors that make a house a home.

The Balance team create an harmonious balance between the interior and exterior features of your property, taking full advantage of the space and taking into consideration today’s lifestyle needs. A perfectly balanced duo, both multi Award winners, Andrew and Amanda excel in creating homes and spaces you will love to live in.

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